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Glass Water Kettles


You will love these wonderful little glass stove top water kettles!
Made from high quality, heat resistant, odorless, tasteless, allergy safe* Borosilicate glass manufactured in Germany. Use directly on the stove to boil water for your organic teas or
organic coffees. Features glass handle with two choices of removable lids: stainless steel or glass lid  and optional glass infuser for brewing loose herb or kukicha twig tea. Great choice for chemically sensitive customers.
Natural Lifestyle family and customer favorite!

Glass produced in Germany / Kettles made in Hungary

6551 7 Cups / 60oz
            (6.25 diameter )..

NEW Glass Water Kettle
with Glass Lid

NEW 5 Cup Stove Top
Glass Water Kettle with Glass Lid

6552 ...5 Cups / 40oz .......$44.95

6552S 5 Cups / 40oz .......  $54.95

5 Cup Glass Water Kettle
with Glass Lid & Glass Infuser

Great for Kukicha Twig Tea

NEW Glass Water Kettle
with Glass Lid and Glass Infuser

6551S 60oz with Infuser...$59.95

NEW Glass Water Kettle
with Stainless Steel Lid
and Glass Infuser

with Stainless Lid and Glass Infuser

6550S 7 Cups / 60oz.. $64.95

Glass Water Kettle
with Stainless Steel Lid

6550 ~ 7 Cups  60 oz... $54.95
            (6.25 diameter )

Glass Water Kettle Heat resistant glass made in Germany!

Made with heat resistant,
German made Borosilicate glass!

Heat resistant Borosilicate glass
    (up to 450 degree C/ 850 degree F)
Suitable for stove top cooking!
Glass made in Germany!
Kettles made in Hungary!

Two Sizes / Two Lid Choices
NEW! Glass Infuser Option!



Glass Water Kettle made with German made, heat resistant Borosilicate glass

New! Glass Lid!




5  Cup Glass Water Kettle with German made heat resistant Borosilicate Glass

Honey, put the kettle’s time for tea!

*Awarded ECARF Seal of Quality as helpful to allergy sufferers



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