Stainless Steel 24-cup
Mini Muffin Pan

Bake up a batch of your favorite muffins or mini cupcakes with this adorable, stainless steel mini muffin tin! We were so happy to find this mini muffin tin made with stainless steel. Go ahead and get creative with your party plans with mini muffins as the center of attention. China.

 #603M ~ ...24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan..... $29.95

12 Cup Stainless Steel Muffin Pan

Stainless Steel 12 Cup Muffin Pan

Bake up a batch of Organic Chef Tom’s Vegan Pumpkin Muffins with this quality 12-cup stainless steel muffin pan. Chef Tom’s recipe makes 18 muffins, so you might want to get one 6-cup muffin pan or two of the 12 cup pans!

#603L......12-Cup Muffin Pan..................$25.95


S.S. 6-cup Muffin Tin LG

Larger Picture

#603S ~ ....6-Cup Muffin Pan................ $15.95

Enjoy your favorite muffin or cupcakes baked in this quality stainless steel muffin pan.
6-cup Muffin Pan cup Capacity: 10.5” x 7”

Stainless Steel 6-cup Muffin Pans




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